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Ultrasonic nodal point: a new configuration for ultrasonic moulding. Advances towards the complete industrialisation of the technology 

Janer Angelet, Marcel (Date of defense: 2022-12-01)

(English) Ultrasonic moulding is a promising technology that could be used as a substitute for conventional injection moulding techniques. This relatively new technology has a lower energy consumption, and it could be a ...

La recepción del iusnaturalismo popular y el principio fiduciario de la tradición republicano-democrática en la crítica socialista al trabajo asalariado 

Manjarín Castellarnau, Edgar (Date of defense: 2023-03-16)

[spa] En los contenidos de esta tesis se caracteriza un nucleo normativo de continuidad entre la tradición republicana-democrática y el socialismo, atendiendo centralmente la recepción critica del legado del iusnaturalismo ...

Análisis etnográfico de la comunidad spoitor de la comuna de Grădiștea (Rumanía): procesos de identificación y mecanismos de dominación 

Hernández Vallés, Marc (Date of defense: 2022-12-16)

The main goal of this PhD thesis is to deepen the knowledge of the processes of identification and production of otherness that change according to the context and the objective conditions in which they are framed, as well ...

Shear Waves Characterization of the Sub-surface: Imaging Active Fault and Critical Zone along the Eastern Betic Shear Zone, SE Iberian Peninsula 

Handoyo (Date of defense: 2023-02-16)

[eng] The Earth System is formed by four components that sustain life: the atmosphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere and the geosphere. The complex region in which these elements interact is known as the ‘Critical Zone’. ...

Transformations and pathways of Southern Ocean waters into the South Atlantic Ocean 

Olivé Abelló, Anna (Date of defense: 2023-03-20)

[eng] The returning limb of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is partly supplied by the cold-fresh waters that enter through the Drake Passage. Up to the isoneutral 28.0 kg m−3, the mean water inflow through ...